Cross-Cutting Themes: new report WBCSD

Source: WBCSD, 21 May 2003

The WBCSD’s brand new publication, Cross-Cutting
Themes, zeroes in on six topics that are shaping the sustainability agenda
– Eco-Efficiency, Innovation & Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility,
Ecosystems, Sustainability & Markets, and Risk.
The WBCSD is using the term Cross-Cutting Themes for topics for which we do not have current working group projects. Under this rubric, we will both track progress on past Council initiatives and respond to emerging issues and breaking events that touch on them.

Our Cross-Cutting Themes, among them our core mission elements Eco-Efficiency, Innovation and Technology, and Corporate Social Responsibility have become familiar terrain to all who care about sustainable development, due in great part to the WBCSDs past efforts. The others, Ecosystems, Sustainability & Markets, and Risk, are established global themes that are relevant to the WBCSD because of their sustainability orientation.

Our continued attention to these areas will ensure that the insights and the knowledge we have gathered over the past decade will continue to influence progress toward sustainable development. For each theme there is a group of WBCSD member champions supported by a secretariat focal point.

Download the full report (pdf)