Five tips for companies new to integrated reporting

Source: CLP Group, 27 January 2016

Stock exchanges around the world, including the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, are moving towards the requirement of including material ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance in listed companies’ annual reporting process. For companies new to ESG reporting, it seems only >>> read more

Why doing a materiality assessment often makes sense

Source: GreenBiz, 20 January 2016

A materiality assessment is how you figure out which sustainability issues have the greatest risk or reward for your company. Most people who work on corporate responsibility or sustainability have done, or considered doing, some sort of materiality assessment . The process >>> read more

Investment Rules 2.0: nonfinancial and ESG reporting trends

Source: EY, 13 January 2016

There is clear evidence of a growing reliance on nonfinancial information. Investors, more than ever, are using nonfinancial performance to draw conclusions on value and better inform and underpin their decisions. However, many organizations still fail to meet investor expectations regarding >>> read more

CSR reporting helps to engage stakeholders

Source: TheNational, 4 January 2016

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important as the nation develops a diversified economy, adaptable to changing circumstances. The UAE has highlighted several short-term and long-term sustainability goals by developing national frameworks and guidelines for public and private institutions aimed at encouraging better >>> read more

The Role of the CFO in Sustainability Reporting

Source: EQi, 16 December 2015

Requirements on sustainability reporting are rising and put pressure on corporations that are not yet equipped to generate robust reports. A proactive management is required in order to avoid backlog and potential legal liabilities. In this context, the CFO plays >>> read more