$560 Billion of Institutional Real Estate Submits First Ever “Investment Grade” Sustainability Reports through Measurabl

Source: , 9 August 2017

Measurabl, the sustainability data collection, management, and reporting company, submitted the first ever set of Investment Grade reports to leading ESG disclosure frameworks GRESB and CDP on behalf of clients that collectively manage $560 billion in real estate. The total asset value of private equity funds and listed companies utilizing Measurabl in North America is nearing 50% of the total AUM for GRESB North American participants, and nearly 20% of AUM for all participants globally, marking a broad shift in the real estate industry towards automated, Investment Grade sustainability reporting.

“Measurabl was vital to ensuring our reports were accurate, consistent with best practice, and supported by auditable backup records,” said Eric Duchon, Director, Global Head of Sustainability at LaSalle Investment Management, which filed 7 GRESB reports through Measurabl. “Measurabl enables LaSalle and others in the industry to disclose quality, accurate data as we advance our financial and sustainability reporting practices.”

GRESB and CDP are two of the world’s leading sustainability frameworks. Each conducts an annual global survey then scores organizations based on absolute and relative sustainability performance using their respective methodologies. Information is made available to institutional investors for due diligence and ongoing engagement with asset managers.

The shift in corporate reporting comes amid rising focus on the data quality underlying sustainability reports – according to Bloomberg’s 2016 Impact Report, only 29% of investors who consider sustainability data in their investment process trust reported information.

“The next frontier in sustainability reporting is high quality Investment Grade data,” said Dan Winters, Head of Americas at GRESB. “Measurabl’s outsized drive to move the market to Investment Grade data is remarkable, and their market leadership will no doubt continue to elevate the importance of ESG data within the real estate sector.”

One of Measurabl’s signature innovations is the creation of an end-to-end electronic data chain of custody that marries information from building meters and sustainability attributes like energy certifications with the building’s size, type, and location, then scores it for quality and completeness on a peer-relative basis. The result is the Measurabl SCORE (“Sustainability Composite of Real Estate”). The Measurabl SCORE applies to both individual real estate assets and entire portfolios and can be used as for Investment Grade decisionmaking.

“The first step in creating Investment Grade sustainability reports is providing real estate owners tools to capture quality data across their portfolios. Then, once you have good data, you need a sufficiently large database in order to benchmark performance against comparable assets,” said Scott Knox, Measurabl’s Chief Data Scientist. “Measurabl created a freely available process for building data capture and has the world’s largest database of asset level sustainability data so we can uniquely score building performance. As a result, real estate owners and investors can make better investment decisions, reduce operating expense, and improve risk-adjusted returns.”

About Measurabl

Measurabl is the world’s fastest growing sustainability software for the built environment. Our automation tools make it easy and accurate for more than 4.4 billion square feet of commercial property across 67 countries to collect sustainability data, analyze and report on performance, and identify energy and water efficiency opportunities. Learn more at https://www.measurabl.com.