The Downside of Sustainability Reporting

Source: PCGC , 14 April 2017

Not long ago, I wrote about the growth of sustainability reporting among public companies. (See this Doug’s Note.) It is now widely believed that effective sustainability reporting, also called “corporate social responsibility” reporting, facilitates a perception among investors, employees, customers, >>> read more

More Companies Seek ESG Reportability

Source: Forbes, 6 April 2017

As Global Head of Research for MSCI ESG Research, Linda-Eling Lee oversees all ESG-related content and research methodology and chairs MSCI ESG Research’s Ratings Review Committee.  She leads one of the largest teams of research analysts dedicated to identifying risks >>> read more

Integrated Reporting and the Investor Demand for Materiality

Source: , 3 April 2017

Last week Robert G. Eccles published a paper “The Investing Enlightenment: How Principle and Pragmatism Can Create Sustainable Value through ESG” with Mirtha Kastrapeli, head of Sustainable Investment Research at State Street’s Center for Applied Research (CAR). This paper was based >>> read more