IFAC calls on G20 governments to embrace Integrated Reporting

Source: IFAC, 28 June 2017

Global economic stability and transparency and the rebuilding of public trust will be greatly enhanced by a determined G20 push for stronger governance across all sectors, according to IFAC—the International Federation of Accountants. In advance of the G20 Summit 2017 >>> read more

Ernst Ligteringen’s Legacy

Source: Huffington Post, 28 June 2017

Ernst Ligteringen’s sudden and unexpected death on June 15th was a devastating shock for me and my colleagues at GRI, the sustainability non-profit that Ernst led for more than 12 years. Read the full aricle by Tim Mohin (CEO GRI)

Reap the rewards of integrated reporting

Source: ACCA Global, 27 June 2017

Companies that do integrated reporting vary in how effectively they implement it. But those that have got it right say it has improved the way they operate. The concept of integrated reporting (IR) has been gaining ground. Promoted by the International Integrated >>> read more

EU Commission published guidelines for Non-Financial Reporting

Source: , 26 June 2017

The Commission has today adopted guidelines on the disclosure of environmental and social information. These guidelines will help companies to disclose relevant non-financial information in a consistent and more comparable manner. The aim is to boost corporate transparency and performance, >>> read more

Can Corporate Reporting Help End Poverty

Source: , 13 June 2017

Companies impact poverty, and poverty, in turn, impacts them. Businesses, therefore, have an important role to play in eradicating poverty and supporting sustainable development. The benefit is mutual – stronger economies and stable societies create vast opportunities for growth in >>> read more