Perfect tool for CEOs to align with Larry Fink’s vision

Source: IIRC, 29 February 2016

Larry Fink, the CEO of the world’s biggest investor, BlackRock, has written to the Chief Executives of S&P 500 companies and large European organizations. His letter sets out a vision for tackling short-termism, urging companies to report on their strategy. >>> read more

Henkel publishes 25th Sustainability Report

Source: Henkel, 29 February 2016

Overall, more than 1,100 pages, nine languages and three different names – since 1992 Henkel has been publishing a Sustainability Report. This year, on February 25, 2016 Henkel’s 25th Sustainability Report will be published. What started nearly a quarter of >>> read more

Saudi CSR experts praise IRI on national television

Source: IRI, 24 February 2016

After the recent publication in the Saudi Gazette featuring the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI), Saudi Arabia CSR experts have praised the potential of the IRI in the daily news program ‘Thaqafa Alyoum’ on Al Thaqafiya television. The presenter spoke with >>> read more

GRI launches GOLD Community to shape the future of sustainability

Source: GRI, 19 February 2016

GRI launched a new membership and engagement program, the GRI GOLD Community, building on its collaborative, global multi-stakeholder network. The GRI GOLD Community consists of diverse companies and organizations from across civil society, business, mediating institutions, labor and intergovernmental agencies, >>> read more

Integrated reporting: more than a box-ticking exercise

Source: Robeco, 17 February 2016

Integrated reporting, which combines financial and sustainability information, is starting to appear more on companies’ agendas. Although this is a step in the right direction, integrated reporting should not be the final objective, but rather a means of meaningful reporting, >>> read more

Company Disclosures Related to Climate Change

Source: International Banker, 11 February 2016

Climate change is real! It is a global challenge impacting everyone, including companies and businesses around the world. Governments and societies are stepping up to challenge companies to address climate-related issues through reducing emissions, investing in responsible enterprises or complying >>> read more

New brief report: Integrated Profit & Loss

Source: True Price, 4 February 2016

With the increasing importance of sustainability, businesses need to make complex decisions. How to juggle the interests of multiple stakeholders? How to compare natural, social and financial impact? How to meet the new rules on Integrated Reporting? True Pric introduced: Integrated >>> read more