GRI releases new publication about the path to integrated reporting

Source: GRI, 17 October 2016

Today, GRI releases its new publication ‘Forging a path to integrated reporting: Insights from the GRI Corporate Leadership Group on integrated reporting’. The publication summarizes the work done by the GRI Corporate Leadership Group on integrated reporting (CLGir), revealing challenges, >>> read more

New guide ‘Technology for Integrated Reporting’ for CFOs

Source: , 13 October 2016

Participants in the <IR> Technology Initiative developed the new guide ‘Technology for Integrated Reporting’ for CFOs. The guide offers practical assistance for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) seeking to collaborate with chief information officers to craft technology capabilities that support and enable >>> read more

Broad Coalition Calls For Greater Disclosure Requirements From The SEC

Source: UK SIF, 10 October 2016

Nine groups—the AFL-CIO; Americans for Financial Reform; the Center for American Progress; Ceres; the Financial Accountability & Corporate Transparency, or FACT, Coalition; the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable; Patriotic Millionaires; Public Citizen; and US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible >>> read more

The dos and don’ts of CR reporting

Source: GreenBiz.Com, 5 October 2016

Sustainability Report. Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) Report. Environmental, Social and Governance (or ESG) Report. As sustainability practitioners, we know it’s a report that goes by many names. Today, however, one element is unchanging: Reports that disclose material information on a company’s sustainability progress >>> read more