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Source: , 23 September 2005

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EU cancels tender for database CSR reports

Source: EU, 13 September 2005

The EU cancelled the tender procedure for building a database of CSR reports of European companies by "political pressure". The tender has been cancelled after the deadline. Many consultant firms have invested in a proposal, but for nothing. More information >>> read more

Social Responsibility spreekt financiële wereld niet aan

Source: Pleon, 7 September 2005

Jaarverslagen over maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen spreken de financiële wereld niet aan. Ondanks het feit dat Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of niet-financiële jaarverslagen vooral bedoeld zijn voor financiële stakeholders zoals aandeelhouders, analisten en investeerders. Dit blijkt uit het Global Stakeholder Report >>> read more

CSR reports are missing key targets

Source: Pleon, 7 September 2005

The quality of corporate reports on social responsibilities may have risen, but they consistently fail to meet the expectations of a major target group: the financial services sector, with its associated analysts, investors and shareholders. This is one of the >>> read more

German assurance standard for sustainability reports

Source: 4sustainability, 16 August 2005

The German accountants published on August 8 their draft assurance standard IDW PS 821 for sustainability reports. In spring 2005 the Institute for Sustainability and IÖW evaluated the relevance of assurance engagements and assurance statements in sustainability reports. In the >>> read more

EU plans to build online database for CSR reporting data

Source: European Commisson, 15 August 2005

The European Commission calls for tenders for the development, publication and maintenance of a database about CSR performance of selected European companies. The Commission intends to promote improved transparency about social and environmental performance of European companies. This contract entails >>> read more