Inside the brain of sustainability reporting

Source: GreenBiz, 3 September 2015

Sustainability reporting has gone through several waves of evolution over the past decade. These waves have flowed from simple website posting of information to the creation of Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability reports to reporting across the value chain (from suppliers to customers). >>> read more

The 15 years of GRI sustainability reporting

Source: , 1 September 2015

Last month marks exactly 15 years since the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) release of the first version of its sustainability reporting guidelines. Folkert van der Molen gives you an overview. This blog originally appeared here in Dutch on Pulse on >>> read more

Is Reporting Bloated, Burdensome, and Broken?

Source: BSR, 11 August 2015

Today’s sustainability reporting model is bloated, burdensome, and broken. Its benefits do not outweigh its costs, and it should be discarded. That was the deliberately provocative statement of the debate I moderated at Facebook’s “Sustainability@Scale” event at their Menlo Park headquarters >>> read more